Montgomery school Nairobi

The senses being explorer of the worlds, open the way to knowledge……….since nothing comes to the intellect that is not first in the senses. Our school environment provide a wide range of sensorial materials designed to help the child develop his or her ability to make judgement, to compare and discrimi9nate on the basis of size, shape, weight, texture, colour and temperature tom store up impression in his ‘muscular memory’ and to develop the use of certain muscles and certain motions.

The Montessori Method places great emphasis on using the correct terminology for what we see. This is readily apparent in the sensorial area. The sensorial area also falls over into the math area quite regularly. The red rods in the sensorial area are a direct link to the segmented rods in math that teach 1-10. The pink tower has a connection to units and thousands that the child learns later in the 3-6 curriculum. Even the trinomial cube will be used in the elementary years to figure out complex mathematical formulas.