Montgomery school Nairobi


A Successful Primary Education Begins With Pre-Kindergarten

Our Primary Section was launched in year 2014 with a team of experienced, talented and highly skilled teachers, all of whom are passionate about working with young children. We offer a unique, carefully constructed primary program and curriculum. The students are nurtured and encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and behavior, developing the self-confidence and self-esteem necessary to achieve academic and personal excellence. The school provides a conducive environment equipped with the necessary resources to take our children through the competitive 2-6-3-3-3 Kenya curriculum system. We believe in instilling independence and academic success in each of our children.

Our areas of focus include
Practical life Sciences Theology P.E. and Games Language Kiswahili Cookery Swimming Maths French Art and Craft Computers


The Curriculum

Our education system combines a philosophy of freedom and self-development for children with a practical approach. We provide a safe, carefully planned structured environment for children to work in. we believe that all children want to learn and can absorb knowledge without effort If they are given the right activities at the right time of their development by teachers who are trained to observe carefully. We embrace each child individually; nurturing a zest for learning, a willingness to take risks, and instilling a curiosity about the world as we prepare our students, to become principled, productive, and healthy young adults.
Montgomery School has a holistic Curriculum for Excellence that explore diversified learning resources, building a systematical knowledge management platform and nurturing a learning organizational culture to facilitate schools’ sustainable development.


Our curriculum covers the following areas

1.The Primary level activities include;
  • Kiswahili Activities
  • Literacy Activities
  • English Activities
  • Mathematics Activities
  • Environmental Activities
  • Hygiene and Nutrition Activities
  • Christian Religious Education
  • Movement and Creative Activities

2.Curriculum for Excellence activities include;
  • Expressive and creative arts
  • Games and swimming
  • Languages(spelling, dictation)s
  • Moral education and counselling
  • Projects based on themes
  • Practical music( guitar, piano)
  • ICT supported learning
  • Vocational Bible School