Pre Primary Section


Montgomery school Nairobi


A Successful Primary Education Begins from Early Years

Preschool is an exciting new adventure in your child’s life. Our teachers are dedicated to helping our preschoolers’ explore and develop their sense of self. Through the creative curriculum we will help your child build their confidence in the classroom. A key pillar of our preschool program includes creating a safe and secure learning environment where children feel comfortable to explore and take risks. Our daily schedule provides flexibility and consistency, as well as a good mix of physical play, social and emotional development and communication. All our early academic lessons are geared towards furthering their development. Our teachers track your child’s progress through our child assessment portfolio system and daily communication tools. Teachers use this information to share your child’s growth during Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Our Developmental pp1 & pp2 Activities Include

Bilingual Studies: French, the second-most common language in the world, is introduced to your child by playing games to learn about cooking, weather, and vocabulary.

Developing Computer Skills: Technology is an important part of our world, so it’s vital to expose students to computer skills. Our exciting computer activities introduce the digital world to your child in an educational way; some of our centers even use Smart Board, an interactive white board that encourages cognitive and motor skill development.

Early Fitness Habits: Practicing healthy habits early on may drastically increase the likelihood of a fit lifestyle in the future. Montgomery makes fitness fun and also incorporates delicious recipes during cooking lessons.

Fostering Confidence: Your little one is increasingly becoming more confident in decision-making, friendships, and independence. Our experienced teachers guide students using fun learning materials and educational toys in classrooms that are intimate and unobtrusive.

Mastering Skills: Optimal growth is encouraged with Montgomery’s daily curriculum of math, social studies, science, literacy, and physical activities. Our well-rounded program is designed to make your child shine!

Promoting Literacy: Welcome to a world of words, sounds, letters, and stories! Our staff engages your child in interactive exercises that enhance phonological and print awareness, letter recognition, and narrative skills. We also have a fun Word Wall where your little one can practice letters and writing.

Strengthening Vocabulary: What could be better than a rich vocabulary? Practicing vocabulary lessons in groups is a great way to introduce new words and set a foundation for successful reading. Our teachers engage conversations with students on a daily basis in order to promote strong reading, writing, and listening skills.


Our Curriculum

1.The Pre- primary level activities include;
  • Language Activities
  • Mathematical Activities
  • Environmental Activities
  • Psychomotor and Creative Activities
  • Religious Education Activities