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Inculcating values of hard work, independence and integrity
Montgomery school is a kindergarten and primary school located in fedha estate gate2. The school was founded in the year 2012. We provide full and part time care to children aged 2yrs- 12 years. With the help of a proactive team, our number one priority is the safety, health and wellbeing of our children. Our wish is to offer parents a secure, child friendly environment. We share the goal of giving each Child the best educational experience. The school provides a conducive environment equipped with the necessary resources to take our children through the competitive 2-6-3-3-3 Kenya curriculum system Incorporated with the Montessori curriculum to give the children the best of both worlds and enable them to gain a practical experience of learning through the use of Montessori materials. We believe in instilling independence and academic success in each of our children.


Our School

Nurturing every learners potential
To be an epic Centre of excellence founded on Biblical Christian values.

    Commitment to serve.
      Growing by learning.
        Leadin... Read more

        Our Programmes

        Developing creativity, innovation, problem-solving, good citizenship and nurturing talents.

        Playgroup : Age 2-4

        In this class, children are encouraged to learn through observation, communication and manipulating ... Read more

        Pre Primary : PP1-PP2

        Preschool is an exciting new adventure in your child’s life. Our teachers are dedicated to helping ... Read more

        Primary:Grade 1-5

        Preparing for kindergarten isn’t the only benefit of Pre-K classes. Studies show that kids who are ... Read more

        Co - Curriculum

        We recognize play as a child’s natural way of learning. Play is the child’s process of exploring, ... Read more

        We Believe in

        Daily study of God’s word.
        -Consistent and loving discipline.
        -Inculcating values of hard work, independence and integrity.
        -Parents, teachers and community partnership is essential to support the development of a child.
        -Every child should be nurtured in a safe and fun environment where their growth, development and well-being can be naturally promoted.
        - Developing healthy lifestyle choices by providing balanced meals and heathy snacks.
        -Every child should be provided with equal opportunity to learn towards reaching their maximum potential

        We emphasise –on developing creativity, innovation, problem-solving, good citizenship and nurturing talents.

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